FAQ - Motivitystate


Who can attend classes?

The classes are suitable for everyone – from beginners to advanced. Progressions are used for each exercise, and everyone can get the most out of it and leave satisfied.

What is the duration of one class?

The training session is about an hour, depending on the type of training and the level of the trainees.

How many times a week is it advisable to attend training?

There is no proper answer to this question, because everyone’s goals, abilities, and workload are different. People often attend classes 2-3 times a week, which is a desirable minimum in order to make progress.

Where can I attend classes?

Training sessions take place at the Motivity Gym.

If I have an old injury, is it right for me?

One of the first questions we ask new customers is about old injuries. The exercises are tailored to the abilities of each individual, and the goal of our work is to improve the overall health of each trainee. You can read more about success stories after training according to our model on the blog.

How many people attend the groups?

The groups have a capacity of 10-15 people, depending on the type of workout.

Is there an option for individual workouts?

For those who want to progress faster or to work on specific skills, we offer individual activities. For more information, please contact us here.

Can I use Multiport, Sportpass cards?

Currently, we don’t work with any of the above, but you can purchase Motivity card.

What is Online Coaching?

This option is for people who can not participate in live training sessions or prefer to train alone at a convenient time. For them, we prepare a tailored training program and/or a nutritional plan.