Corporate Wellbeing

Mobility training differs from others in that it improves the range of motion in the joints, while at the same time increasing muscle strength. Mobile joints prevent the risk of injury and improve the overall quality of our lives by helping to get rid of the pains in the waist, back, neck, and knees. Achieving the results of this type of training takes months, but the benefits are lasting. In each workout, the joints work in their full volume of motion, and the body folds, twists, turns, unfolds, and more. The variety of movements and the balanced approach improves flexibility and at the same time strength.

Check out the feedback from our corporate clients:

“Being active has always been part of my life, so when we talked about starting a Corporate Wellbeing program, I was convinced that it was something that would benefit our company.

As part of the Motivity team, colleagues (from different departments) united with the common goal of winning and advancing! With each effort, each one of us contributes to the sporting success of the entire team. This is also transferred in their everyday work, assisting one another. Understanding and accepting differences: this has played a huge role in making people work together productively. Trust: effective working together, supporting each other at a difficult time, and overcoming differences lead to success! But first of all, it is happiness to feel good, to be healthy and fit! Thanks on behalf of the entire team!”

Anna Kirilova – CEO, JAF Bulgaria

“I think we finally succeeded! @Motivity rules!

Thanks to mobility – a combination of strength and flexibility exercises – we have achieved something extraordinary. We found the type of workout that somehow fits all. And absolutely everyone gets involved. Thank you Motivity!

We have always considered that providing sports opportunities is the most meaningful “extra benefit” we can offer to our team. We chose an office next to a park, swimming pool and gym, we wanted to have a bath so everyone could stay active during the day. We participate in running competitions, including marathons in Vienna and Istanbul, group fitness training, trekking in the mountains, we also bought multiport cards, so everyone can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, there are always people who just do not like a certain sport …

Motivity turned out to be the ultimate solution for our team!”

BoyanRashev – Managing Partner, Denkstatt Bulgaria

“More energy, less stress and as a bonus mini team building – this is the immediate effect of Mobility exercises with Motivity in the office. It’s amazing how, after one-hour training, we regain our flexibility, we achieve things we didn’t think possible, and with a fresh mind, we go back to the tasks of the day – taking control of the mind and body …I recommend it as an exceptionally good practice.

Sonya Nachkova – CEO, Software AG Bulgaria

Some other happy clients we have been working with: