GB Athlete Lucas Hardie - from injured Powerlifter to being in the best shape of his life - Motivitystate

Lucas, thank you for taking the time to answer these next few questions!

Could you share little more about your sports background?

Sure; I am Canadian so of course, I grew up playing ice hockey. I played rugby through high school and college. I didn’t get very involved in the gym setting until I was 20 years old at which point I began powerlifting and weightlifting.

How did you get into GST?

I became pretty broken and injured overtime from my sports of choice and became inactive due to flare ups every time I trained. I started exploring other options and bodyweight training seemed to be the only thing I could do to prevent flare ups. When I came across a copy of Coach Sommers’ “Building the Gymnastic Body” I was able to relate his strength training approach to the strength training approach I used in powerlifting and weightlifting. This re-motivated me and made me feel like there was still a chance for me to maximize my health and fitness.

You use @bodyweight_dad as a nickname on Instagram. How did you come up with it?

I wanted to choose a name that shared this new journey into bodyweight training while also highlighting my role as a father and family man. I think most would agree that any new journey in health and wellness can be challenging under these circumstances.

When we met at GymnasticBodies seminar in Denver in May you were telling me about previous injuries you’ve had while competing in powerlifting. Have you seen improvement in your health and mobility since you started with GST?

It’s been a complete turnaround for me. I had suffered a very serious bicep rupture in powerlifting. When I started GST I couldn’t even straighten my arms. Since then, I am down 55lbs and feel like a new man. I am able to participate in more activities with my family without pain or discomfort and have been slowly restoring the mobility I once had when I was young.

You are a busy man – you have a family with 3 kids and a dog. When do you find time to train?

I am fortunate that my work environment accommodates my physical training when it can but when I can’t get it in at work I train at home (usually when I get the kids down haha). GST is very adaptable and requires minimal equipment.

You are a Physical Training Instructor for the Canadian Military. What experience do you have training military personnel?

I have been working for the military for over 6 years now. We take care of all their physical evaluations and physical training. There are a variety of roles in the military so it’s been very rewarding working with the many types of trades and seeing how they all come together for a common goal.

Do you have any professional or personal goals with GST?

I am hoping to become a certified GB Trainer within the next year or so.

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