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Today we feature one of the best GymnasticBodies Athletes – Leo, who is located in the Philippines.

Leo, could you share little more about your sports background?

I am 31 years-old. My sports background when I was in Junior High was Karate. I was sedentary for 9-10 years after that.

How did you find about GST and what made you travel to Awaken (GB Master Affiliate) in Denver?

My older brother was the one who found out about the GymnasticBodies Website. What made me travel to Awaken(GB Master Affiliate) was the hope to be able to test for a GB Trainer Certificate and to be able to learn more about Gymnastic Strength Training under the Only GB Master Affiliate.

You are GymnasticBodies affiliate in the Philippines. I know that before you become an affiliate you need to go through deep training to be certified. Can you share more about what the process looks like?

I am not yet a GymnasticBodies Affiliate in the Philippines. It’s still Developmental and I am not sure if I can pass the tedious process of becoming an Affiliate. There are a lot of requirements before becoming a GB Affiliate. From what I know, you need to have been following the GymnasticBodies Program for a minimum of two years and have attended at least two GymnasticBodies Seminar. You also need to show your progress throughout the years. There is also work study that is required at Awaken(GB Master Affiliate). These are only  few things that I know so far. Becoming a GB Affiliate is earned and is selected by Coach Christopher Sommer himself.

Motivating yourself to train can sometimes be hard. How do you find motivation? Do you have a training partner to keep you accountable?

Before I was motivated by all the other GB Athletes but now it is something different. I found peace in Gymnastic Strength Training. I have no training partner to keep me accountable.

GST is relatively unfamiliar among adults. Do you have a hard time convincing clients of its benefits?

Yes, they are misinformed about GST by other people/trainers/coaches of different fields. I do not need to convince or force clients to do Gymnastic Strength Training. Only those who are really interested are the ones who approach me and ask for training and guidance.

Do you have any professional or personal goals with GST?

Yes, I do want to become a part of the GymnasticBodies(become an Affiliate or work under an Affiliate or under Coach himself). The hardest part is balancing becoming a Trainer/Coach and being an Athlete. I am here to see what my body is capable of achieving (7-10yrs of GST)

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